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What Does Phlebotomy Course Entails, How Much Does it Cost and What Factors Influences The Cost

Phlebotomy Training

Tens of hundreds of tertiary colleges and universities are churning out millions of graduates every year into the already flooded job market with almost identical qualifications. This significantly lowers their chances of securing their dream jobs besides making them redundant. The truth is that most of the graduates could have secured better placements had they opted for phlebotomy course. What exactly does a course in blood deal with and how much does it take to train a phlebotomist.

How much does it take to train a phlebotomist

Course definition A course in Phlebotomy deals or trains the students in the precise science of drawing blood from the patients, taking the same blood specimens to the laboratory and preparing it for testing. This doesn’t only ensures that the patient doesn’t feel extra pain as blood is being drawn, but also ascertain that the whole process is handled by a qualified expert. On graduating, a phlebotomy technician or a phlebotomist becomes an important part of the clinical laboratory team in hospitals, laboratories, clinics plus several others international medical organizations worldwide.

CostPhlebotomy course

phlebotomy certification should cost any amount less than $ 1500 in most of the institutions, but this figure can be tilted either way by several factors. These includes,

Mode of training Traditionally the training was offered only in medical and nursing schools, however with the emergence of the internet, it’s now offered even in schools online. The online course tends to be cheaper than the one offered in traditional nursing and medical schools. Besides, most online schools strictly recommend hands-on training to augment the online coursework for ease of accessing the job market. This, in turn, adds the cost of online training.
Phlebotomy training kitSome institutions may have phlebotomy training kits whereas in others students may have to purchase the kits. Phlebotomy kits seldom come cheaply as most cost between $100-150. This can significantly tilt the total cost of the course either way.

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